Adaptations for lower body difficulty

Posted 22.10.2020

If you struggle or have limited mobility with your lower body whilst driving, then there are many vehicle adaptations that can be fitted to help you. Or if you’re under the impression that you can’t drive because of a lower body disability, don’t be!

In this post we want to share with you the most popular adaptations available that help to alleviate pain and create a more comfortable and safe driving experience for people with reduced lower body mobility. As well as adaptations to help you safely get in and out of your car.

Driving Aids

Left Foot Accelerator

If you have lost the use or have reduced mobility in your right leg then a Left Foot Accelerator can be fitted which will allow you to operate the accelerator pedal on the left of the brake pedal with your left foot.

Pedal Extensions

Pedal Extensions offer a solution for users whose legs are unable to reach and operate the vehicle pedals effectively. They simply bolt onto the original pedals bringing them closer to the drivers seat, providing a safer and more comfortable driving position.

Push / Pull Hand Controls

Hand Controls enable drivers to operate the brake and accelerator by hand using a push/pull lever rather than by foot. Simply push the lever down to brake and pull the lever up to accelerate. This is an ideal solution for many people with varying levels of lower body mobility.

Pedal Guards

A Pedal Guard is a detachable plate that is positioned in front of the foot pedals to prevent them being pressed accidentally. It is often used in conjunction with hand controls to ensure a safe driving experience.

Seating Solutions

Swivel Seat

A Swivel Seat enables easier access in and out of a vehicle and can help to transfer you from a wheelchair.

There are different swivel seat options to help with different levels of mobility, including a simple turning seat to the more comprehensive system that allows a user to leave the vehicle whilst remaining in their car seat.

Person Lift

The Person Lift will comfortably and safely transfer you from your wheelchair and into your car lifting you up using a purpose made sling and lower you into position. This type of mobility hoist can be fitted for the driver’s seat or for front and rear seat passengers.


Our vehicle adaptation specialists are on hand to help. You can arrange an individual assessment with us where we will be able to advise you on the best adaptations to suit your needs, just get in touch with us here.

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