Bespoke adaptations

Posted 07.06.2022

If you haven’t found the right adaptation/s for your needs, then don’t worry. There are numerous other adaptations available to make life easier for you and here at AIC we can even carry out bespoke modifications or fabricate any bespoke adaptations at our workshops to suit your individual needs.

Here are just a few installs we’ve done previously to showcase the expertise of our engineers:

Kawasaki Off Road Mule

Our Glasgow branch had a customer with a Kawasaki off road mule looking for some driving aids. It was a first for us, but we successfully fitted a set of push pull hand controls and a steering ball.

kawasaki off road mule aic kawasaki off road mule steering ball kawasaki off road mule hand controls

HGV Lorry

A customer came to our Peterborough branch looking to have hand controls fitted to their HGV. The customer had been told it couldn’t be done but our AIC engineers came to the rescue!

hgv-lorry-aic hgv aic hand controls hgv-bespoke-hand-controls

Morgan Motor Plus Four

We also had the amazing opportunity to adapt a Morgan Plus Four so a disabled driver could compete in the annual Race of Remembrance for the first time. We designed a set of hand controls from scratch, so it was a completely bespoke job.

AIC-Morgan-Motor-Workshop AIC-Morgan-Plus-Four-Hand-Controls

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