Foot controls & pedal adaptations

Posted 02.03.2022

There are a number of foot controls and pedal adaptations that can be fitted to assist drivers with reduced lower body mobility overcome a host of driving challenges, alleviate any discomfort and/or for use in conjunction with hand controls.

Here are the most popular foot controls and pedal adaptations that we supply and install:

Left Foot Accelerator

left foot accelerator guide

The left foot accelerator is fitted when a driver is unable to operate the accelerator pedal with their right foot, but where hand controls are not necessarily the suitable solution. Your individual needs will determine which type of left foot accelerator will be right for you (Twin Flip Left Foot Accelerator or an Electronic Left Foot Accelerator).

Find out more information here.

Pedal Extensions

pedal extensions the adaptation installation company

Pedal extensions or pedal extenders offer a solution for users whose legs are unable to reach and operate the vehicle pedals effectively. This is incredibly important as not being able to sit in a safe and comfortable driving position can cause a number of issues and risks.

With a pedal extension, they simply bolt onto the original pedals bringing them closer to the drivers’ seat, providing a safer and more comfortable driving position.

You can find more detailed information about our pedal extenders here.

Hinged Accelerator Pedal

hinged accelerator pedal the adaptation installation company

A hinged accelerator pedal is most commonly fitted to benefit a hand control driver by creating significantly more room in the footwell. This allows the driver to stretch out both legs and moves the knees away from the hand control, eliminating the risk of the pedal accidentally being operated or obstructed.

View our hinged accelerator pedal for more information.

Pedal Guards

pedal guards adaptation

Pedal guards are an important safety adaptation which is placed in front of the foot pedals to prevent them being pressed accidentally.

They are often used in conjunction with hand controls to ensure a safe driving experience and can be particularly helpful for drivers who suffer with involuntary leg movements who are at higher risk of accidental operation of the pedals.

If you think pedal adaptations may help you, contact us today to arrange a free home assessment and demonstration.

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