All about steering aids

Posted 12.10.2020

Steering aids are a popular driving adaptation that assist drivers with limited hand movement or arm strength by reducing the force required to steer. There are different variations of steering aids, but essentially it is a mechanism that that spins around, allowing the user to rotate the steering wheel using just one arm rather than having two hands gripping the wheel.

Whilst these can be used independently, it is often essential when hand controls are fitted to a car as it allows the car to be steered with one hand while operating the hand controls with the other.

Standard Fixed vs Quick Release

The standard fixed grip is when the steering aid is fitted permanently to the steering wheel in the right place for the driver. It functions as a fixed car adaptation and as mentioned, allows the driver to hold the grip and rotate with one hand.

A quick release steering aid functions the same as a standard fixed grip, however, can be easily installed and removed. This is particularly helpful for users who have a non-disabled driver sharing the car. Although a fixed grip doesn’t restrict others being able to drive the car, some people just prefer to be able to remove this.

Steering Ball

Adaptation Installation Company - Steering Ball

The most commonly used steering aid is the steering ball. It is grasped from the front using a partially clenched hand and allows the driver to turn the steering wheel a full 360 degrees without having to take their hand away.


Steering Peg

Adaptation Installation Company - Driving Aids - Steering Peg

The steering peg requires less grip than a steering ball making it an ideal solution for those with impaired dexterity.

Tetra Grip

Adaptation Installation Company - Driving Aids - Tetra Grip

The tetra grip steering aid is designed for those with very limited hand mobility and struggle to grip onto a steering peg or ball. The wrist is placed between two adjustable supports and fingers around the peg, taking the physical strain out of steering.

If you find that steering is a struggle for you, why not alleviate the physical strain with a steering aid? To set up an individual assessment, get in touch with our car adaptation specialists who will be able to guide you on the right solution for you.  

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