Rooftop Boxes

Posted 19.10.2018

Lift, stow and retrieve your wheelchair using a rooftop box system.

The rooftop box system folds, lifts and locks away a standard manual wheelchair in less than 90 seconds. Your wheelchair will be safely stored and transported in the weatherproof box and once you’re ready to leave your car, the system will lower down your wheelchair to you. This makes for a great solution for independent drivers and passengers alike.

It can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles and can take most folding wheelchairs.

This system also allows for parallel and reverse parking in tight spaces as you don’t have to worry about being able to open the boot. As long as you have space to do the transfer in and out your wheelchair, the rooftop box will work for you.

  • Retains full seat capacity in your vehicle
  • A clean solution – no mud in your car!
  • Quick operation
  • No permanent modification – it is mounted on with a standard roof rack

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