Swivel Seats

Posted 19.10.2018

Swivel seats also known as turnout seats are a popular adaptation to allow easier and more comfortable transfers from wheelchair to car seat.

They work by bringing the seat partly (and in some instances all the way) outside of the vehicle which allows for increased manoeuvrability. This makes transferring to and from wheelchair to car seat a lot more manageable, comfortable, and safer.

They’re a great alternative to wheelchair accessible vehicles and allow you to enjoy a more sociable and comfortable journey.

We have a fully comprehensive range of swivel seats from a simple turning seat all the way through to a more sophisticated system that allows a user to leave the vehicle whilst remaining in their car seat. We always recommend calling us to arrange an assessment so we can discuss your individual requirements and find the right solution for you.

  • Discreet solution
  • Suitable for almost all levels of mobility
  • Manual and automatic solutions available

Contact us to arrange your free home demonstration and assessment.


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